Mobil PDKS

You can manage your staff's continuity information and all human resources processes with a single mobile application without the need for any device.

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Mobil PDKS


Simple to use. There are in the app store and Google play market.


With our mobile application, your expenses will decrease. You will also be able to work faster because you are in contact with your employees.

Information Privacy

The information of our customers using the Mobile PDKS application is not shared.


Field Workers

You can keep track of your field employees in real time via mobile application and calculate their working hours.

Store Employees

You can see if your employees are really in the store. You can keep in touch with your employees.

Office Employees

You can follow up and exit your employees' jobs and stay in touch with them.

Construction Employees

You can get an easy, fast and reliable solution for areas where PDKS management is difficult, such as large construction sites.


You can contact us to learn about our other solutions or to request new solutions.

Explore Our Application

With the application you will have the modules that will add speed and convenience to your business.

Location Based
Enables your employees to log in and out via the mobile application while you are in the position you set. A notification is sent to the administrator when the job is logged in or out.

Login with NFC
Enables your employees to log in and out with NFC-enabled phones using the NFC tag to be provided to you. A notification is sent to the administrator when the job is logged in or out.

Announcements that you can send through the application are sent to your employees as notifications. After that, announcements can be reached within the application.

Phone Book
By adding the numbers that your employees will need to the system, you can make your employees easily reach numbers.

You can make your employees participate easily in the survey you create. (Not active yet.)

Permission Management
Your employees can ask for permission through the system.

Activity Writing
Your employees can write their work to their manager and see it at any time for the past years.

Work Calculator
You can calculate the working hours of your employees. You can avoid unfair pay.

Suggestion / Complaint
You can improve your working conditions by knowing your employees' problems or suggestions by writing suggestions or complaints within the application.

Online Tracking
You can follow your employees on the map.

Artificial Intelligence
Mobil PDKS Yapay Zeka Teknolojisi



No Extra Equipment

No fingerprint reader or different hardware is required to keep your employees' entry-exit information. All your employees will be able to log in and out with their mobile phones and you will be able to access all the information you want with our web interface and mobile application.

Different modules to make your work easier.

We have different modules depending on your company's business situation. Announcement, Survey and Human Resources modules. You can also develop custom modules according to your wishes.
Thanks to the application that your employees will use, you can stay in touch with the survey and announcement sections outside of work.

  • 1
    Sign Up

    Complete your registration with our website or our Android and iOS mobile app.

  • 2
    Add company information and staff information

    Register the necessary information such as your company's location, personnel information and working hours.

  • 3
    Easily control everything

    When you enter the necessary information, you can easily control and manage many things through your mobile app


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it before I buy it?

You can try our application free of charge for 1 week with basic functions. Your information will be protected if you decide to purchase.

What payment methods can I pay?

You can make your payment by transferring to our company's bank accounts. You or your company will be billed on your behalf.

Can I change my purchase plan later?

Yes, you can switch to other packages at any time by changing your purchase plan.

Can I request a feature not yet available in the application?

Yes, you can specify your request by contacting us if you don't have a module request that will make your work easier. An extra fee may be charged for this.

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* iOS 10.0 up and Android Kitkat up.

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